Alicia's Edit - Working From Home

Each day we are adapting to this new situation we find ourselves in. I, like so many of you, find myself juggling various roles all at once. As a working from home Mum, I'm used to being pulled in different directions to an extent, but the intensity of where we are right now along with the emotional load is at times overwhelming.

My personal way of dealing with it (besides the odd gin) is to take one day at a time, be realistic about what I can do and to be thankful for what we have  -  we are healthy, we are at home, we are fortunate in so many ways and I'm so grateful that we can continue to run Gather&See pretty much uninterrupted, continuing to support our small independent brands.

In terms of my edit for Home Comforts it is all about loose, natural styles. Warmth, as it is still cold out here in the English countryside, and pieces that make me feel good. I'm making the effort to dress up occasionally as it makes me feel better so I've included a couple of dresses that will come into their own as the weather warms up. I hope you like them as much as I do and they will provide you with as much comfort as they do me.