Behind the Brand: Anuka Jewellery

Fair Trade. Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly.

Handcrafted, fairly produced jewellery. Anuka Jewellery produce minimalist, wearable designs made with integrity. Anuka support ethical mining practices and incorporate Fairmined and recycled precious metals into all of their jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is hand crafted in Britain, assuring you of its quality and giving you confidence it was responsibly sourced and made.
We caught up with founder Francesca to find out more about the brand:
What is the inspiration behind Anuka Jewellery?
Clean designs with a clean ethos. Creating contemporary timeless jewellery that is fully transparent to the source.
My designs are always inspired by form, whether that is from our natural sculptural landscapes or the urban environments we surround ourselves in.
Please can you tell us a bit about the design and production. How are your pieces made?
All our jewellery is manufactured in the U.K incorporating both 100% recycled silver and Fairmined gold. Francesca crafts the first of each collection piece from her workshop in Cheshire and then utilises time honoured processes (lost wax casting) to manufacture. We then use a combination of hand finishinig and assembling in our workshop or with key highly skilled crafts people her in the U.K.  We are the first jewellery label to partner with Provenance allowing for our process to be visible to our customers and verified via a third party: 
What metals do you prefer to use and why?
We solely use 100% recycled silver and Fairmined gold. Recycled precious metal allows us to re-purpose precious metal that has been used and refine it back to its original state- this limits our environmental impact greatly. But, we recognise as a brand that most precious metal mining is done via small scale artisinal miners often in living in developing nations. Mining will always happen, Fairmined acts as an assurance label transforming mining into an active force for good, meaning miners have a safe environment to work, fair pay, gender equality and zero child labour. They also put a huge emphasis on limiting environmental impact and chemicals used in the process. We feel it is important to have a balance that supports an industry and the livelihoods dependant on it through Fairmined and also works to reduce our environmental impact with 100% recycled silver. 
Why is sustainability the way forward?
I think you only have to look at our current environmental crisis to see why sustainability is the way forward, it needs to become the norm. We need to change our buying and living habits and stop impulse purchasing of trend led fast fashion, and instead invest in those key pieces that will be with us for years to come. Be that conscious consumer who asks how and where items are made, know the impact of your items and if that information isn't there for you to see, ask why!
What are your personal jewellery essentials?
Jewellery isn't something that just finishes off an outfit- it makes the outfit. So with this in mind my essentials are key everyday timeless pieces, like our LOKA twisted hoops, KOTI stacks and LOKA Cuff.