Behind the Brand: Monarc Jewellery

Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly.

Monarc is based in London with an emphasis on craftsmanship, premium materials and bespoke service. Its objective is to create modern, classic jewellery to be worn now and passed on to future generations.

Founder Ella Drake originally hails from New Zealand, coming to the jewellery trade via a lucrative career in modelling. It was through booking a shoot with Vogue Gioiello (Vogue Jewellery edition) that she cemented her passion for fine jewellery, before going on to study at the prestigious Florence campus of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Monarc Jewellery is beautifully created by master goldsmiths, it’s luxurious and practical enough to be worn every day. For Monarc, jewellery expresses love, relationships, families, and moments that deserve to be marked. Monarc jewellery is designed to stand the test of time!

Monarc's commitment to the environment is to only use recycled raw materials where possible and limit their footprint by using the latest technology to manufacture in the most environmentally responsible way.

More than 80% of precious metals in Monarc product is produced by recycled waste and alluvial gold from the Jewellery Industry within Australasia. The brand’s precious metal suppliers are renowned for their heritage and the quality of their bullion. These bullion suppliers and refineries are accredited by LBMA's 'London Good Delivery List' and the Responsible Jewellery Council as meeting ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards.

The refining processes of silver, gold, palladium and platinum have been developed with environmental sustainability in mind. Monarc’s bullion suppliers' laboratories operate extraction systems with automatic PH dosing. Systems are documented with an Environment Management Plan (EMP), which are frequently monitored and reviewed to comply with stringent protocols and international best practice standards. 

Monarc packages orders in beautiful environmentally friendly paper boxes and renewable and sustainably sourced cellulose film. The brand operate a strict single-use plastic ban in all their workrooms.

Monarc partner with a local packaging supplier who guarantees responsible production and observance of eco-regulations, we use recycled FSC certified wood as the primary material for our jewellery boxes.


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