Behind the Brand: Nandni Studio

Organic. Heritage. Small Scale Production.

Nandni is a Sanskrit word derived from the verbal root ‘nand’, which means ‘to rejoice’. Literally, Nandni means a woman who brings joy. The word represents a philosophy of life:…life is beautiful…live your life, love your life…seek happiness as it is not a destination, it’s a way of life. With a focus on organic fabrics and traditional Indian techniques, every Nandni creation tells a unique story which begins at the grassroots level. From handpicking the weavers and cloth to choosing a mix of dyes, prints, cuts, patterns, and styles, the collection is reflective of traditional Indian artisanal skills fused with modernity.

We caught up with founder Soojata to find out more about the brand and her inspirations:

What is the inspiration behind Nandni Studio?
The inspiration behind NandniStudio is the love for handcraft, hence out garments will have surface ornamentation done by hand. Also, we love to explore texturing techniques.
Please can you tell us a bit about the production. Who produces your clothing, how and where?
The design and sourcing of the raw material happens in the studio. The production process starts with sampling and production based on orders received online or requested by the stores. The production is out sourced to a production house based in Mumbai, India
Why is using organic materials important to you?
When I was growing up, my grandparents has a lot of influence on me. They used to wear mul and other cotton fabrics which were mostly stitched at home with hand sewing machines and hand embroidered. The feel of those fabrics was something to die for. They taught me the benefits of using organic materials which are soft, sustainable and have benefits for our skin. This has always stayed with me. Hence my label is based on the same thought process.
Why is sustainable fashion the way forward?
Given the amount of waste that is generated out of the fashion industry, sustainable is the only way forward. 
Also, the feel and texture of the organic fabrics is something that cannot be matched. I agree that sustainable clothing tends to be more expensive but as the awareness among people is increasing, they prefer to buy less and make them last instead of buy cheap, use and throw philosophy.
What is the inspiration behind your collections?
We derive inspiration from age old techniques that help us with surface ornamentation - be it crochet, bead work, hand embroidery, applique work. Based on these techniques, we also plan to start a line of handmade sustainable accessory line soon. We want I make products that transcend geographical boundaries and are seasonal less.