Behind the Brand: Ohoy Swim

Scandinavian style sustainable swimwear that gives back to the oceans through the Healthy Seas project. 

OHOY SWIM are committed to having a positive impact on the environment and global community, not only within their supply chain but all facets of the brand.

"We take pride in making things people will love and seeing those products serve their purpose for a greater good."


When purchasing an item, you are giving back to Healthy Seas. 1% of OHOY sales goes to support the recovery of abandoned fishing nets by volunteer divers.


OHOY SWIM use ECONYL®️yarn coming from discarded nylons including fishing nets collected from the sea and other plastics.
ECONYL®️ is made through a revolutionary process of recovering fishing nets and other nylon waste from oceans and landfills that then gets regenerated into its original, pure nylon form, Using a recycled material reduces waste and pollution in the environment but also cuts down the needs for raw materials and crude oil used in the production of nylon.
ECONYL®️ is twice as resistant to chlorine, sun creams, and oils than most other fabrics and has a sun protection rating of 50 + SPF 


"In 2016 when we founded our brand, we traveled to Sri Lanka and decided to work with a small family owned factory. From the beginning all of our pieces have been made from Econyl fabric, sourced and flown in from Italy. With time we have made the decision to manufacture in Portugal. Keeping the production in Europe means we are able to reduce our footprint by not sending fabric to the other side of the world and it also provides us the transparency we seek throughout our supply chain.

As of 2021 we now manufacture all of our swimwear in a small factory in Porto, Portugal. We can rest assured that workers receive the salary and benefits they rightfully deserve and the ability to oversee production makes everything go smoother. We have a lovely Portuguese lady on the ground looking over every detail, making sure that the quality is as it should be. When our products leave Porto they are sent to a warehouse facility in Estonia where all your orders will be shipped out from. Everything is packed and shipped in eco-friendly 'NOT plastic' packaging.
Each product has a hangtag made from recycled papers, attached with a recycled cotton string and wearing a non single-use plastic hygienic liner. They are packed in a small recycled organic cotton bag that can be used for lots of other things.  

Although we have made the move from Sri Lanka to Europe we think it’s important to continue supporting small businesses in under developed nations. Large communities rely on this work. Therefore we are still producing our 'Bees Wax Sunshine Hats' with Mr Ajith in Sri Lanka and we will continue to support them as best as we can."