Eco-Friendly. Heritage. Recycled.

Uniting art and sustainable fashion to positively impact the world around us.

"Several years ago, I went to South Africa where I fell in love with street art and the stories behind them.  I then made a trip to India where I stumbled across a few poorly managed clothing manufacturers. These sweatshops made me want to help promote change for them and the industry as a whole. Both trips fuelled my idea to build an ethical and sustainable story-telling fashion brand that could benefit others" ~ Daniel Beernink (CEO), 2014

Rhumaa have a real passion for sustainable fashion, impactful art and making an honest difference.

Their collections are timeless and sophisticated with modern, soft tailoring and an inspirational art print.

Every collection unveils a unique and powerful story; expressed through print, design, colour, details, and high-quality sustainable fabrics.  

Rhumaa is focused on building up products of purpose and making tracks to a more sustainable future.  They realise a journey takes time and most of their big ideas need to start with small beginnings, but they are on our way and continue to build onto their green goals every day.  

Rhumaa shares impact art stories from sustainable art communities and donate into the Rhumaa Foundation where they support sustainable programs and projects in South Africa. All Rhumaa clothes are made in fair conditions by communities and people who have a love for nature and the environment.

Rhumaa build a sustainable fabric library every collection and look at building new ideas to create circular practices as a whole.  They recycle fabrics, look for ways to reduce waste and repurpose where possible. 

Rhumaa supports sustainable communities, collaborations and work with like-minded suppliers - all with a need to a steer change in fashion and the environment as a whole.