Small Scale Production. Heritage.

Thread Tales founder Katherine Maunder is passionate about discovering handcrafted raw materials such as Lotus, Cashmere, Merino, Cotton, Linen, Camel and Yak wool to create her unique scarf designs.

“Travel is a constant source of inspiration and I journey to visit the talented artisans who create fabric for Thread Tales Co. I learn from their traditional expertise and encourage them to interpret their age-old techniques and fabrics in a modern way.”

Thread Tales source fabrics that are sustainably produced, working with suppliers that share the brand's ethical values so that customers can shop for high quality with a conscience.


Thread Tales only use Mulesing free Merino, which means that the Merino sheep are not harmed by the cruel practice of removing strips of skin from the breech. This is traditionally done to prevent flystrike but there are kinder ways of doing this through diet and washing.

Certified Cashmere

This once sustainable fabric has become a threat to the environment as grasslands are being eroded by increasing numbers of cashmere goats. Thread Tales source their high quality yarn from a member of the “Green Gold” project. They work with a partnership of herders, supporting their livelihoods and improve grazing land through proper management.


These are free of Formaldehyde, Mercury, Chlorine and Lead.

Yak Wool

As fine as Cashmere, but more durable, Yak Wool fabric is incredibly soft to touch and warm even when wet.


Sourced from  Inner Mongolia, Camel is a pure, natural fibre made from the soft, fine under hair. It is either combed or collected as it sheds naturally and then washed, spun and handwoven by talented artisans in Nepal.


Thread Tales ensure that their processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, from the use of eco dyes to and making sure that the water from the dying process is disposed of responsibly. The raw material for products is ethically sourced and sustainable and packaging is FSC accredited.


"Supporting the communities of weavers, who painstakingly produce our designs with care and pride, is integral to our values. Their success is our success, their livelihoods in part depend on us, and we work hard to facilitate this shared sense of partnership.”

Thread Tales are helping to resurrect and safeguard skills that, in both Myanmar and Nepal, had faded into relative obscurity. The unique feel, quality and individuality that you can achieve through hand producing fabric is not possible when done mechanically.

Thread Tales place immense value in investing time building relationships with their weavers. They collaborate with their workshops in creating sustainable jobs based on a vocation and skill, in which the workers are valued, have good working conditions, are paid well, and are recognised for their work. Thread Tales support family values and the economic and social development of their community.