Behind the Brand: Thread & Tonic

About the brand:

"The story of Thread & Tonic is about more than one person. It’s about driving change as a community."

Thread & Tonic are a team made up of some of the world’s leading leather goods and fashion houses who came together with the goal of creating products that redefined the way luxury products were being made. A harmony of purpose, form and luxury without compromising on the materials and their sustainability, protecting the environment we all share.

Thread & Tonic is an uncompromising journey of craftsmanship, the eternal conversation between creator and creation, a mastery of leathers, materials, design and form to create quality products that meet both desire and function. Bold and fearless. The never-ending thirst for innovation, continually striving to make unrivalled luxury products. 

The team:

The idea that has shaped Thread & Tonic started with siblings Nakul and Sonal and is rooted in their family’s history in leather accessory production.

The deep knowledge and forward-thinking attitude Nakul and Sonal bring to the table is what drives innovative solutions to the problems they wish to solve.

Having gathered extensive knowledge of luxury craftsmanship in the leather industry through working in the family business from a young age, Nakul and Sonal wanted to create something new and unique that encapsulated the importance of sustainability, functionality and beautiful design. With a well-versed team behind them, they see Thread & Tonic as an ever-evolving, modern material brand which takes its responsibilities seriously. 

Pure Leather:

"This is our custom developed, Chrome Free Italian Eco Leather. It is unique to us and took months of research and development to produce. The leather tanning process we employ is chrome free, utilising environmentally friendly procedures which reduce hazardous chemical output resulting in toxin free wastewater which does not harm plant or aquatic life. In addition to this, the leather biodegrading process is both shorter than that of synthetic materials and no harmful toxins are released."

"We have 70+ years of experience working with leather. We love leather, its feel and durability, but we don’t like the fact that animals are harmed — hence we want to use all our collective knowledge and expertise to develop vegan materials. In the meantime, it goes without saying that all our leather is a by-product of the meat industry."


"At Thread & Tonic we go right back to the roots of our products to make sure our impact is as positive as it can be and that we are acting responsibly. We take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our products, not just their production."

Thread + Tonic's Commitment to Sustainability:

• Educate our employees on the importance of all policies and provide them with the skills and support they need to implement them
• Comply with or exceed relevant legislative requirements. Where these are inadequate, we will aim to set our own standards.
• Develop and implement a set of procedures to monitor, control and review where and how we are having an environmental impact and to make changes where necessary.
• Encourage both stock and non-stock suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities, offering support, training and advice to help them implement sound environmental practices.
• Design, develop and manufacture our products with consideration of the environment, moving towards greater use of sustainable/recycled materials and processes whilst also reducing waste.
• Produce all of our products in the most sustainable factories possible, including the world’s first bags and accessories factory that is run on 100% solar energy.