Organic. Eco-Friendly.

VILDNIS has strong Scandinavian roots. Danish-born founder Ulla Vitting Richards grew up just outside one of the largest cities in Denmark, surrounded by fields, forests and the crashing waves of the sea. As well as proudly bearing the title of ‘happiest country in the world’, Denmark is a frontrunner in sustainability. Freedom, fairness, honesty, responsibility and protection of the environment are part of the national DNA.

Ulla's passion for fashion combined with insatiable wanderlust landed her in the fast-moving, forward-thinking fashion hub of London. Through her 16 years in the fashion industry – including as Head of Product for Britain’s leading high-end activewear brand  – Ulla has witnessed the numerous strengths of the industry, as well as many of the tired and devastating practices it has cultivated around the world. These experiences inspired her to be part of the change she wants to see.

The Vildnis Commitment:

Sustainable production means using the minimum resources required, and leaving plenty of spare resources for future generations to meet their needs as well. The VILDNIS commitment is to do just that and to hold themselves accountable with a triple bottom line that reports on environmental and social targets as well as profits. VILDNIS want you to know exactly what you are getting and how you are contributing when you buy a product from VILDNIS. 

Vildnis use the most environmentally friendly materials and production methods

Demand for change will drive the creation of new, more sustainable materials and methods. Vildnis are committed to demanding a fairer, more responsible supply chain. The brand use the most environmentally friendly fabrics and production methods available and to continually demand better as the industry evolves. 

Treat workers in the supply chain well

Having full visibility of the entire supply chain is a big task. Often manufacturers will outsource some of the production without the retailer's knowledge. It requires strong relationships with the factories and strict control to ensure this doesn't happen.

Vildnis are committed to mapping the entire supply chain and engaging in a constant dialogue with partners to ensure all workers are treated fairly and paid a proper living wage.  

All factories have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and Vildnis audit each factory once a year to ensure that they continue to be compliant. 

Treat animals in the supply chain well

Vildnis rarely use fabric made from animal fibres, but when they do, they make sure that no animals are harmed in the process. For this reason, they avoid angora, fur and non-certified wool.