How to Nail Your Holiday Wardrobe

Ah, the holiday wardrobe - something we all think of fondly. Those cherished pieces that remind us of happy holidays past - if you are like us you will have items that come out year after year and those are the pieces that a good holiday wardrobe should be made up of. Timeless, sustainable and of course, beautiful. As many of us head off on holiday this month here are some tips on how to get it right. 

Think Capsule

Choose a small number (how to pack light is a whole other topic, but with a bit of careful planning is easier than you think!) of multifunctional pieces that can be worn together and separately. That might be a couple of dresses, loose easy Ts and tops and a couple of bottoms that can be switched in and out. Don't forget some great statement jewellery and shoes - choose the right pair (we can't get enough of Bulibasha's flats which go with everything and mean you don't need to take anything else!)

Swimwear to Suit You

When it comes to swimwear, the first thing we look at is what it's made of - look for good quality pieces made from recycled / re-generated materials. Next we look at the shape and versatility. Choose a shape that you are comfortable in and supports you where you need - there are now so many clever designs that allow you to switch up your look just by changing the straps around - or even reversible sides. Clo Stories has some beautiful, timeless pieces. Invest in two and look after them properly and they'll do you for longer than you think. 

Go Natural 

Natural materials always win for us - but especially on warm sunny days. Organic cotton and cool linens will help you to feel  your best - they are light weight and easy to wear. A Perfect Nomad's dresses are some of our go to holiday pieces - flowing dresses in earthy colours and loose fits, just perfect. Meanwhile Hamaji's linen items have a timelessness and elegance to them and will work just as hard for you once you are back home.

Inject Some Colour and Texture

Holidays are fun right?! We think there is no better time to enjoy a bit of colour and texture than when we are on vacation. From lemon yellow and lime through to violets and pinks - the colour will set off your tan but also add to the positive energy. East's gorgeous dresses provide just the hit you need in loose easy shapes that pack like a dream. 

Layering Up

If you are holidaying in the UK (like so many of us!) then the likelihood is you will need layers in order to manage volatile weather in style. Light knitwear that you can throw on for cooler days is an essential item to pack - we love Skall Studio's Oda Knits and L'Envers cool cardigans for both their beauty and praciticality. Not only this but a lightweight knit will work hard for you through Autumn too. 

That is the key - pieces that work hard for you, are practical but also hold that  little bit of holiday magic. And, one last tip, if you haven't heard it before - always roll your clothes up when packing! It saves space and reduces creases! Have a wonderful holiday, wherever you are headed!!