The July Issue 2020

Time moves in strange ways in the age of Coronavirus and whilst some of the weeks have gone by painfully slowly, it is also hard to believe we now find ourselves already in July. In a month that might normally be about getting away or enjoying some of our favourite festivals, we might be finding ourselves searching out adventures a little closer to home, for both adults and kiddies alike. Read on for our picks on what to do, see, eat and wear.

Take a walk on the wild side....

If you have young kids likelihood is they are into animals. My little boy Monty is starting school next month (don't!) and pre-lockdown I'd planned to make this a summer full of exciting adventures for him, relishing in our last months with him as a pre-schooler. The lockdown has meant abandoning lots of plans but this month we are catching up. First on the list was Woburn Safari park - he was absolutely delighted and mesmerized to come into close contact with giraffe, elephant, rhino and lions all roaming around (watched from the safe confines of the car). We talked about habitats and protecting endangered species and I found myself equally in awe at these beautiful creatures. We came back grinning from ear to ear at having had an inspiring day out. Such a tonic after the past few months. 

Get your camp on...

Easing of restrictions means that you are now allowed to go on holiday! Yaay! Many more of us than normal are looking to stay in the UK and having been at home for so long, getting out in different surroundings has never been so appealing. Things are pretty booked up so our advice is to look in the slightly less obvious spots. As the nights are a little warmer (in general!) now is a great time to get out under the stars even if you stay fairly local it will feel like a real break. If you are looking for something a bit special check out Canopy and Stars for some more luxurious 'glamping' ideas (think outdoor baths and wood cabins). 

The reading list..

We are trying very hard to continue life at a slightly slower pace and taking some time out to read is now part of our self-care routine. Even if it's just for 15 minutes in the evening, escaping into a book is always a pleasure. This month on our reading lists - Such a Fun Age and American Marriage - do please let us know if you have any recommendations too? If sitting down doesn't happen for you much (we know how you feel) then podcasts are great for while you are cooking yet another meal. We've long enjoyed the High Low, find Desert Island discs a reliably good listen and Dr Rangan Chattergee's Feel Better Live More truly inspiring.  

Support your Local..

Pubs and restaurants are now open and while we all still need to be careful, as small business owners ourselves we feel for the hospitality industry needs supporting. Eat outdoors, book a table or if you are still preferring to stick at home then enjoy a takeaway. 100 days of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner at home, having someone else do the hard work for you is an absolute treat! 

Entertaining at Home...

After so much time on our own we are so grateful to welcome friends back to our homes. Eating together and enjoying one another's company is such a pleasure that we will not be taking for granted anytime soon. We've been enjoying making it special taking extra care with laying the table and decorating with whatever flowers are popping up in the garden. In terms of what we are eating, home grown is where its at for us with the veg patch finally coming to life! Home grown lettuces, spinach and tomatoes are forming the basis of endless summer salads - forever inspired by Ottolenghi. Meanwhile the kids (and big kids are like) are hoovering down strawberries and raspberries. I've attempted a very naughty cheesecake this weekend - a guilty pleasure for sure but exceedingly delicious piled high with red fruit. 

What to wear.....

Whether you are staying at home or heading off for a staycation, our July edit is all about easy summer layers. We're embracing summer dresses as we are able to get out and about again, preferably loose, easy but faintly romantic styles that can be worn with sandals (Bulibasha's coconut flats are ideal) or trainers. As much as we like to think of July as a balmy month in midsummer, experience tells us to be prepared so we'll be packing relaxed knits for chilly evenings out under the stars and a Meander jacket for the inevitable summer showers. Lastly, some dreamy swimwear for a spot of wild swimming when it's hot enough!