Weekend Read - Wellness

Gather&See has always been about nurturing respect, fairness, love and wellbeing of both the planet and its people but we are also highly aware of the importance of respecting ourselves and the importance of self-care and personal wellbeing - spiritual, emotional and physical.

In this strange time, we are living in it is something we are all focussing on as we adapt to challenging circumstances and try to manage anxieties on a level many of us haven't had to deal with before. At G&S we find 'wellness' (such a broad term!) can come in many guises from something as simple as practising a simple meditation at the start of your day to more formal classes, exercise regimes, diets or beauty routines. There is no right way and wrong way to approach wellness -  for us it is simply about making time and effort to consider what helps balance, energise and calm us in the present moment. Figure out what works for you and go with it.

As silly as it might sound to some we truly believe in the power of good clothes to lift your energies and spirits. We recently had a moving message from a friend of ours who was going through a particularly hard time of late. She wrote how she had put on an old G&S fave piece on and it had given her a sense of warmth and reassurance. The best clothes, the ones you truly love and appreciate, are like old friends - hang on to them, look after them and they will look after you back. 

Jewellery has always been emotionally significant but we have just gone one step further with the launch of specifically designed jewellery featuring healing crystals by Little Joy. The power of crystals and stones has always fascinated us and we truly believe in positive energies and properties they can have, in addition to their beauty. Three bespoke tourmaline pieces exclusive to Gather&See have been designed to help ease anxiety and to promote compassion and wisdom. Fair-mined and sustainably sourced, this is considerate jewellery for intentional, mindful living. 

Exercise is critical to our physical wellbeing but, as so many of us realised in lockdown, it is also vital for our mental wellbeing. Whether it is yoga, running, pilates or a good long swim, getting your oxygen flowing and blood pumping is an instant mood booster. For us, Nature Hommage's eco-friendly activewear helps us feel good and motivates us to work hard too - with classic leggings and supportive bras and tops that will give confidence to the most even the most sports-shy (happy to admit to being one of those people!).

Last but not least, we come to beauty rituals. A bit of indulgence here is absolutely right! Your skin is the body's largest organ and deserves the best. That is why we only offer small batch, natural beauty products that are gentle and suitable for sensitive skin but spoiling none-the-less. Even if your schedule only allows you limited me time - make sure you get it in at some point every week. A half hour soak will do wonders for both body and mind. Look to Soap n Skin and Amanda + Jayne for some beautiful candles & oils, whilst Olofson's facial skin care feels like a treat with options for different skin types.