Behind the Brand: A Perfect Nomad

Organic. Eco-Friendly. Small Scale Production. Vegan.

'She is a conscious wanderer, a soul seeker, a perfect nomad.'

A Perfect Nomad is a luxury, organic and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the bohemian traveller. Living by the belie that a free spirited approach to life and a careful approach to how we treat our planet  and our people should combine into a lifestyle and aesthetic which is beautifully individual, elegant and conscious. British born founder, Frances Clark, is a nomad at heart, drawn to places of magic and energy, she lives between London and Ibiza, continually travelling with her family to exotic shores and cultures that inspire her designs. "We feel most at home in Ibiza, the island has a special beauty and freedom, it is a place that celebrates individuality and is where the creative essence of the brand lives and breathes."
She started this journey following a passion for escapism and her dream to design the perfect holiday wardrobe that also holds beautiful values within its threads, protecting our earth, caring for our people and making a positive impact through its charitable projects.

In the words of the brand:

"We can, and should, improve the lives of the people we touch. A Perfect Nomad collections are made ethically by working closely with communities of artisans who handmade each and every garment. We ensure good wages and fair employment and champion and conserve traditional ancient techniques by using handwoven fabrics, hand dying and hand block printing. Beautiful pieces are those that are embedded with the story of their  maker. 

We eliminate the use of synthetics and plastics, using only beautiful natural fibres. Our silks are Organic 'Peace Silks, ensuring that no harm is caused to the silk worm and we work with 100% natural organic cotton GOTS certified fabrics and manufacturers. We want to make long lasting, beautiful pieces, unaffected by time or trends to reduce waste and go against  the throw away mentality of our current culture."

"It was very important to me to create something more than fashion, to create something that I could be proud of and that went that extra mile to make a positive impact in the world. I wanted to bottle up the bold and stylish nomadic existence that I have always been drawn to, but which spoke with a conscious spirit to give the customer more resort wear that women could escape into and feel effortlessly strong and elegant while maintaining values that benefit the planet and our people."

Charitable Giving:

A Perfect Nomad understands their responsibility to give back to the community. The brand focus on charitable efforts on a cause they care deeply about: Women's Advancement. The brand have partnered with the Women's Empowerment charity, Impact, to help transform the lives of girls and their families in rural areas in India with 10% of the profit from each garment going towards setting up learning centres in economically disadvantaged communities. 

The first school has been opened in Alwar, Rajasthan, near the brand's production unit.