Why Organic? Interview with Julie & Marie Skall of Skall Studio

Skall Studio has fast become one of our most sought after brands. The combination of paired back but timeless Scandi style and earth friendly, organic materials makes their pieces inherently desirable, wearable and most importantly they stand the test of time. This is the opposite of fast fashion that so badly harms our planet. We spoke to founders Julie and Marie about why they choose to focus on organic.


Why does Skall Studio focus on organic cotton?

We believe in using only natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and wool from a local organic sheep herd. We love to work with these materials because they have so many great properties and are comfortable to wear. We are aware that organic cotton requires a lot of water and energy but by choosing organic cotton we avoid the use of dangerous pesticides. This is why it is so essential to us only to use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton.

Where do they source their organic cotton and where is it made?

We source our organic cotton in India and all our styles in organic cotton are made in a factory in India. A factory which we have worked with since Skall Studio was founded in 2014. We normally visit the factory twice a year and they consider the factory owners as part of the Skall Studio family. In fact, we both knew the factory way before founding Skall Studio as we both lived and worked in India.

What are the benefits of working with organic cotton?

At Skall Studio we only use organic cotton as we wish to support cotton cultivation without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or other soil additives. This is our way to respect the environment and the people involved in the processes. The characteristics of organic cotton are the same or even better than those of conventional cotton. For this reason, organic cotton has always been an obvious choice for us.

What other materials do the brand like to work with and why?

We believe in using only natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and wool from a local organic sheep herd. Since we launched our first collection, our knitwear has been made in Denmark. Just as it is important to us to support social sustainability in the wider world it is also important to us to support and uphold local craftsmanship. We work with Hjelholt spinning mill located in the beautiful island Funen, one of the few remaining spinning mills in Denmark. Since 1878 the Hjelholt family has produced wool from their own organic sheep farm and today the mill is run by the 4th generation, still valuing traditional craftsmanship. When the wool leaves Hjelholt it is knitted in one of the few remaining knitting factories in Denmark.