Our Story


"This is my new favourite online shop, and it's worthy."

Anna Murphy, Fashion Director, The Times

Gather&See is an award-winning online ethical fashion retailer launched in 2014 by childhood friends Alicia Taylor and Stephanie Hogg.

Priding themselves on personal service and authentic relationships, Alicia and Steph have worked tirelessly to highlight the need for a more sustainable fashion industry over the past 8 years. The pair run Gather&See across two continents (Steph is based in Nairobi, Alicia in Leicestershire) and are both Mums to young children.

"Gather&See is built on friendship, authenticity and hope for a better future.

We have worked hard to get the brand to where it is today and are very proud of our selection of designers all working in fairer, safer and more inclusive ways. We personally choose each and every piece that you find on-site and deal with all customer enquiries ourselves.

Gather&See is a labour of love that we have built over the years, through motherhood, moving continents, changing times and challenging climates, always sure of our end goal - to make shopping sustainably easier.

We will hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!"

Steph & Alicia



Born out of a desire to find beautiful, stylish ethical fashion brands that protect people and planet and don’t compromise on style, Steph & Alicia gather like-minded, forward-thinking designers all of which fit into at least 2 of Gather&See's Values:







Customers can shop by each Value, just as they can shop by Product or by Designer.

We work closely with each of our brands to bring you as much information as possible about the origins of each item so that you can make an informed choice based around the values that matter to you most as an individual.

We work in partnership with our brands to act as a conduit between them and our customer. The majority of our products are shipped directly from our brands to save on air miles and in order to simplify supply chains. 

“As a pair of fashion lovers who have shopped endlessly from department stores to high streets, markets to charity shops we started to think about how disconnected we are from the production process behind the clothes that we were buying.  We were becoming more and more dubious about how our products could be made so cheaply and travels to Africa, South America and India in our early twenties had opened our eyes to both amazing traditional craftsmanship but also extreme poverty and exploitation.  

We felt that there had to be a better alternative. We wanted to find brands that were transparent, treated their workers fairly and safeguarded the amazing craftsmanship we had seen around the world. And so we arrived at our vision for Gather&See. Fast forward several years and we are honoured to work with so many brilliant ethical designers and to connect with like-minded customers on a daily basis.”  

If you would like any more information on our brand please email info@gatherandsee.com.

Steph and Alicia

Co-Founders, Gather&See.Com