Every single brand and product at Gather&See fits into at least 2 of our 7 Philosophies. We built the philosophy system to help guide you as to exactly how our brands are sustainable or ethical and to enable you to shop by the philosophies that matter most to you. 


Our eco-friendly brands have pledged to put the environment first when it comes to production. They monitor and regulate their water and energy consumption and have zero-waste policies including the use of biodegradable packaging.


Heritage is about preserving traditional techniques, artisan methods, and ideas that have been used for centuries. We believe that these techniques and skills should be cherished and protected. Heritage also encompasses intricately handmade items that require real skill on the part of the maker - handmade brings a human connection to our clothes and we celebrate the craftsmanship involved.


Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.

At Gather&See we are particularly inspired by brands which protect and promote the rights of women, who are so often garment industry workers worst affected by the impact of 'Fast Fashion'.


The benefits of buying organic are widely known. Why expose your skin (the body's largest organ!) to chemicals commonly found in clothing? We have handpicked some of the very best organic pieces from our favourite ethical labels for your sartorial pleasure.

Organic fibres are grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.


Small Scale Production- No long supply chain needed here. Our brands are all small scale production - meaning that collections are formed of a limited run and never mass-produced. Small scale production means better control of the product, greater connection with those making the garments and best of all individuality. The joy of wearing something that you know is one of a small number is hard to beat.


Our Vegan pieces are cruelty-free and are produced without using animal products or harming animals of any kind. This collection is wool, leather, and silk-free.

The benefits of shopping Vegan extend beyond animal welfare - studies have also shown that by adopting a more Vegan based lifestyle humans can reduce their carbon emissions by over 70%. It is an environmental as well as an ethical choice.


Every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burnt. Our Recycled brands make use of waste and turn it into something beautiful.

From previously used metals and fabrics to old plastic bottles, the use of innovative technologies enable items that would have gone to waste or into landfill to be turned into something new.

This helps to protect our environment and prevent further waste.