Behind the Brand: East

We are delighted to welcome East to Gather&See. This heritage brand has been completely re-imagined with it's roots remaining in India, artisanal techniques and a bohemian spirit but with sustainability and small - scale, earth-friendly production principles at the core. We have curated a selection of pieces that we know the Gather&See customer will love - contemporary, easy to throw on styles that you will get maximum wear out of. Most importantly people and materials matter to this brand - read on to find out more in the words of the team themselves: 

The Team Behind the Brand

"We are proud to be a female led company, centred around friendship and community, designing pieces we personally believe in and would wear in a heartbeat. Designed in London by a small team of creatives with extensive European, Indian and American fashion experience, our range has a global approach in its design and ethics. We believe fashion can be beautiful and design-led while being ethical and sustainable."

Building Partnerships

"We want to celebrate true artisanal craft and traditional techniques which we know takes time to perfect, supporting our skilled workers and the communities they are a part of, which we are now a part of too! Keeping things personal and knowing our suppliers and artisans by name is really important to us. We visit our factories across India regularly, working with them to understand their process and techniques, like our tie dye and woodblock units. Understanding how it works helps us to avoid unrealistic expectations: it really is about partnership."

An Honest, Sustainable Approach:

"We believe in transparency and the importance of showing our sustainable journey to our customers. We are not perfect and there are many ways we can improve our practices but we want to be open about how and why we need to make changes. Making a sustainable brand isn’t easy. We quickly learned (and continue to learn!) to adapt to the many complications of designing and manufacturing ethical and sustainable items. From the challenges that arise with producing small quantities, to the lack of availability of fabrications, we continue to challenge the fast fashion model."

Sustainable Fabrics:

Lenzing™ EcoVero™

Derived only from responsibly managed and renewable wood sources, Lenzing™ EcoVero™ production generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact than generic viscose. It has been certified with the EU Ecolabel, meaning it has consistently high environmental standards from raw material and production to distribution and disposal.


Organic Cotton

Probably the most well-known of the eco fabrics, organic cotton is much better for the planet than generic cotton. To be certified as organic, the soil must be farmed without synthetic and chemical fertilizers for three years. This even includes the organic cotton seed, which must be free of GMO. Organic cotton is grown under a thin layer of natural protectants that retain much more water than the synthetic protectants, so less water is needed to STOW organic cotton. Not only is it better for the soil and the farmers but also us as consumers and the entire wildlife eco-system.


Breathable & lightweight, linen is the perfect summer fibre. East's linen is a bit different than most: it is hand-produced in India. Unlike a lot of other brands, this means it’s not imported from China and so its carbon footprint is automatically reduced. Woven in India, he brand's factories can access it locally and begin to create garments from it without unrealistic sourcing and time pressures. Better for them and better for the environment.

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