International Women's Day 2022

We are a business built by women, run by women and that supports female run brands and promotes brands who are promoting female empowerment all across the world. 

Ethical fashion is a feminist issue. Over 80% of garment industry workers are women - it is they who are directly affected by factory working conditions and the safeguards brands put in place. It is also more often than not women that are choosing where they want to shop and who are driving a more sustainable fashion landscape. 

This International Women's Day we want to celebrate the amazing brands we work with supporting women all over the world. From small brands like Meraki Beach, Bulibasha and Asime who are working at a grass roots level to provide sustainable employment and financial independence, to bigger names such as Veja and Mud Jeans who put fair pay and equality at the top of their agenda. 

The world right is quite a scary place - escalating wars, a pandemic, climate crisis... there is a lot to navigate and it has never been more important for us all to stand up for what we believe and for the future that we want to see. It has also never been more important that women's voices are heard loud and clear and that women are involved at the highest levels of decision making (goodness knows enough errant male egos have got us to where we are).

Our female-led brands inspire us every day in the way they put collaboration and cohesion first. From the very beginning of Gather&See - 8 years ago this year - we have held great value in the way that women can support other women all over the world. We always say fashion can be a huge force for good and positive change in the world. Women have and always will be at the forefront of that. 

Happy International Women's Day