Behind the Brand: Ballinger Jewellery

We are delighted to welcome British jewellery brand Ballinger to the Gather&See family - beautiful and timeless jewellery made using carefully sourced materials. We caught up with founder Emily Wadsworth to find out more about what makes this brand so special. 

Please introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Emily. I have worked in the fashion industry for many years – including a five-year stint as a Senior Strategist at Vogue – so have always been passionate about this industry and the incredible creative-minds within it. I live just outside Bath, Somerset, with my fiancé James and our cat Truffle.

What inspired you to set up Ballinger?

Ballinger is my grandmother’s maiden name, and the brand is inspired by her vintage treasure-trove of a jewellery collection. I set about recreating some of her most special pieces, but adding a modern twist to them, and that’s how Ballinger was born.

Can you tell us a bit about your design and production process?

I design all of Ballinger’s pieces myself in my home studio just outside of Bath. I then partner with a wonderful father-and-son duo based in Istanbul, Turkey, who bring my pieces to life.

Why is producing sustainably important to you?

All of Ballinger’s designs are created in small batches to reduce waste. This was really important to me as so much of the fashion industry has been wasteful for many years. Ballinger pieces are also made using recycled materials where possible, such as recycled sterling silver as a base metal. I’ve also worked hard to create recyclable packaging, including the watercolour artwork (painted by my grandmother) that is printed onto seed paper. This comes with every order and once planted under a thin layer of soil it will grow into mint.

What is the best thing about running a small business - and what are some of the challenges?

I love the creativity and freedom that comes with running my own business. I am so passionate about the jewellery I create and the customers I am creating pieces for, so that really fuels and inspires me. Seeing people wearing my designs is still the greatest joy of all! The biggest challenge is that there are always more things to be doing so I find it difficult to switch off.

Do you have any current personal favourite pieces in your collection?

I am really attached to every piece in the collection but at the moment I’m wearing Ballinger’s Lava Hoops on repeat. Something about their irregular shape seems to add an edge to any outfit.

Lastly, your hopes and dreams for 2024?

I would love to stock Ballinger in a major national retailer, that’s my biggest goal for 2024. Other than that I’d love to continue to grow the brand and get more incredible opportunities to connect with customers. I will also be launching a bridal collection ahead of my own wedding in September.