Behind the Brand: Harper Lavoir

British brand Harper Lavoir produces luxurious and sustainable womenswear in England. 

After working as a Buyer within the fashion industry, founder Emma Davies quickly witnessed the enormous detrimental impact it was having on the environment, animals and garment workers.

“As I began to dig deeper, clarity around the supply chain was very difficult to come by and the more I educated myself, the more I struggled to find clothing I felt good about purchasing. I don’t believe you can feel confident and empowered in a garment that another woman was exploited to make.”
- Emma Davies, Founder.

Every decision throughout the business has been guided by the brand's commitment to sustainability and a value system based on human, animal and environmental welfare.

Harper Lavoir are meticulous in their research and hold themselves to the highest standards when exclusively sourcing responsible, eco-certified materials for their designs.The construction of each and every one of our pieces is a true labour of love, by the teams of wonderful garment makers in England who the brand work with. 

Each Harper Lavoir piece is constructed using the highest quality, 100% eco-certified fabrics, ensuring transparency, traceability and longevity.

Each Harper Lavoir piece is meticulously designed to create a luxury foundation for the modern wardobe. We focus on creating high quality pieces that are intended to effortlessly transcend from season to season, to be rediscovered and reinvented for years to come.

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