Organic. Eco-Friendly. Vegan.

UK based UCM wants to inspire a new generation to shop sustainably. The brand wants to offer an alternative to the disposable trends on the high street and build a collection that focuses on the people that make it as well as the people who wear it.
In the words of UCM:

"Here at UCM, we are building a capsule collection. Styles that last from season to season and become a timeless piece in your wardrobe. We want to create a jean that you can’t wait to wear, again and again. We have a close relationship with our sourcing team and factories who are passionate about working with quality fabrics that stand the test of time.

Our jeans are made with care by a team who are looked after and, we hope, are bought by customers who share our philanthropic attitude. Take care of your jeans, knowing that they have been cared for before you.

Our factory in Indonesia has its own onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant which collects water from production to be treated and reused. Its important factories implement these water-saving techniques to help reduce water pollution and use water more efficiently. 

Organic cotton is the main fabric for our launch collection. The organic cotton we use is grown using methods and materials with low impact on the environment without the toxic and artificial fertilisers used in conventional cotton farming.

The bulk of our collection is 100% organic cotton, but for some denim styles you need a bit of stretch and movement to create the perfect fit. Our Carrie jean is created with a fabric blend of 98% organic cotton with 2% elastane for added comfort. Elastane is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity. It is strong and more durable than natural rubber so the preferred addition to any cotton mix for denim.

Our design team are experienced in sustainability and always take a considered approach to design. We avoid any harmful manufacturing practises such as sandblasting and the use of toxic chemicals and dyes.

Before production begins on a new collection or line we receive feedback on the styles from our team, as well as a great team of industry influencers. This is a really important process for design as it helps us buy the styles we know we can sell, limiting waste down the line.

Working closely with our manufacturers we ensure all dyes and chemicals used in the production meet the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They must be evaluated and approved on their toxicity and biodegradability.

We visit all our factories during the production process. We only work with factories with high standards of certifications and good audits. We build relationships with the people we work with and ensure we are all the same philanthropic mindset. The team works hard to limit its waste through wastewater treatments, sustainability technologies as well as considerations for any off-cuts post-production. Often these are sold or collected and recycled by external companies."