Behind the Brand - Ducktail Rainwear

The brand Ducktail Rainwear was created by two friends. They were inspired to create a raincoat brand while watching ducks in a lake and admiring their ability to be in the water but not get wet. If the ducks have the ability to stay dry even while diving into the lake, so should a person while walking in the rain!

Ducktail Rainwear allows you to stay dry without feeling as if you are wrapped up in a thick rubber Hazmat suit. Ducktails’ signature feature is the tail or “ducktail” which defines them from other raincoats. The tail makes our raincoats unique and recognizable on the street and is functional, as it keeps the back side of the legs dry and clean from unwanted kicked-up water when walking.

Ducktail strive to create pieces that would protect your style from any weather and fit into ever-changing trends, so you no longer have to choose between fashion and function.

The raincoats are made with membrane and have sealed seams. Because of that, all the raincoats are waterproof, windproof and, most importantly, breathable. They have resistance to moderate rain for up to 3 hours. That way, you can enjoy wearing Ducktail products in both Summer and Autumn.

Long-lasting & timeless. Exceptional attention to the quality of our rainwear products enables the brand to offer durable designs. High quality combined with timeless designs creates products that easily adapt to new styles and last for a long time.

Suitable for 4 seasons. Due to our breathable material, you can wear a raincoat not only during rainy weather but also during sunny days without getting sweaty. For colder seasons, we recommend wearing a sweater underneath to stay warm and comfortable.

Reflectors to keep you safe. Designed with reflectors while maintaining the timeless design. Reflectors are inserted in various parts, like strings, vents, hoods, and adjustable cuff straps.

Production is based in Lithuania in order to ensure ethical wages and working conditions. It also allows us to keep an eye on our production environment and participate in the manufacturing process.

Lightweight raincoats with big pockets and hoods, reflective parts, adjustable wrist cuffs, and our unique ducktail feature on the back, that prevents you from getting rain and dirt on your legs.

Sealed seams prevents water from leaking. To avoid water leaking through our rainwear products, all seams are sealed by special machines. All raincoats and other products withstand 10,000 mm water column pressure.

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