Fashion Revolution Week 2024 - 10 Years of Action

This week is Fashion Revolution Week and, just like Gather&See, the incredible Fashion Revolution movement is 10 years old this year. We've watched the movement grow and have been proud to support their initiatives and demands for fair treatment and justice for garment industry workers across the world. 

Much like our own mission, Fashion Revolution calls for a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. It was lauched in response to the Rana Plaza tragedy of 2013 where more than 1000 garment workers lost their lives in a building collapse in Bangladesh.

"In that time, we have mobilised hundreds of thousands of global citizens to take action, engaged policy makers and lobbied for legislative change, and demanded greater transparency from the world’s largest fashion brands and retailers"

So much as changed in a decade. The question of Who Made My Clothes? has become pivotal in bringing about a change in mindset and attitude to how we consume fashion and it is something we talk about regularly at Gather&See.

We really want to highlight the amazing people who make our clothes, the people behind the brands to help us all become more connected our clothes and aware of their impact - whether positive or negative. That's why we always strive to bring you as much information about how your item was produced, with what and by whom as we possibly can. You can find out more about our makers in our Behind the Brands features on The Gatherer blog which we hope you will find insightful and inspiring.