Behind the Brand: Hoff

Founded in Spain in 2016, HOFF was created to blur the line between quality, amazing designs, and fair prices. They are a fashion brand global in nature and creative by design. Hoff are inspired by iconic places in the world to create unique designs, resulting in unexpectedly beautiful sneakers you can wear every day.

Philanthropy is a central element of HOFF’s identity. The brand shares a vision of positive change. Hoff's philanthropy programme involves giving back a little, raising the voice of the underprivileged, and promoting research and culture. The aim of every action  is to bring about significant change in our society. Small actions lead to great change.

Production is centralised with trusted suppliers with whom Hoff have a close relationship. BSCI conducts social audits of our suppliers to ensure that they comply with all regulations in the country.

Hoff work to ensure that their supply chain respects and promotes human rights, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A commitment to the Earth: 

"The earth does not belong to humans, humans belong to the earth; this puts us in a position where we need to be aware of and responsible for our impact. Our mark belongs on the path, not on the environment. The following are a few actions that we perform to reduce our impact." Hoff Mission Statement


-We amended our constituent documents to incorporate the clauses redefined by B Corp which require that all parties interested in the decision-making process be taken into account. Said clauses also reflect the overall commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

-Freight transport by ship. Maritime transport emits 63 times fewer emissions than air transport when it comes to transporting goods of the same weight over the same distance.

-We work with suppliers certified by the Leather Working Group, an organisation that guarantees that all leather used is tanned using sustainable practices. These include the use of renewable energy and technologies that reduce water consumption.