Behind the Brand: Jilla Active

British sustainable activewear designed by a group of yogis - we were instantly impressed with Jilla Active. Here's some more from the brand:

One of the biggest inspirations to Jilla and their designs is planet Earth - sea blues, natural materials and earthy tones. The brand are on a mission to reduce their impact on the environment to keep their community exercising and practicing yoga in a world that is healthy and protected.

The goal is to develop in a sustainable way by reducing impact on the planet through all stages of the supply chain.


With each season, Jilla increase the number of styles made with more sustainable fabrics to the point where every item will be consciously made with responsible materials.

organic cotton fabric

They use GRS recycled polyamide, TENCEL modal, recycled polyester, bamboo viscose yarn and GOTS organic cotton.
They source recycled trims and components where available to ensure the whole garment is considered during it's product development.

Water filtering technology is used during the dying process to help reduce the environmental impact by cleaning and recycling the water and avoiding pollution to the surrounding water systems.


Jilla products sustainable cotton bras
Jilla Active products are packaged in plastic free packaging which is made from recycled and/or biodegradable 

To send orders out to customers they use brown paper mailing bags which are FSC approved and easily recycled at home.

Some of products are wrapped in Aquapak polymer bags which dissolve in hot water, are commercially compostable and marine safe.

The bag is completely water soluble, ocean safe and biodegradable as it breaks down harmlessly to a non-toxic biomass in soil and sea!

Other items such as bras and leggings are sent 'naked' with zero packaging to reduce our demand on resources. 

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