Weekend Read : The New Normal - A Turning Point for Fashion

We barely dare say it but here in the UK there is a sense of things starting to ease, with restrictions to lockdown tentatively being relaxed (all be it very slowly), and a return of some aspects of normality. It's been 3 long months of staying in, reflecting and a change in pace of life and whilst we are all keen to get back to normal in many ways, we feel strongly that we need to act upon what we have learnt from these strange times. 

A recent post from UN Environment has talked about how now is the time for sustainable fashion to truly come into its own and we couldn't agree more. The fashion industry has been massively impacted by the crisis, with huge losses across the board. It has highlighted many of the existing system's shortcomings, including a lack of safeguarding for garment workers rights, the ridiculous pressure of two many collections, and the problem of what to do with stock that hasn't been shifted. Everyone, from small start ups to highstreet favourites and and vast luxury goods groups has been affected, and everyone is pretty much starting from scratch. This is a unique  opportunity to get it right, to make fashion better once and for all.

The demand for it is there - in fact it is perhaps stronger than it ever has been. Many of us have realised that we need less than we thought, but that we want things that are well made, considerately made and that reflect our own values. As the musician Elle L said in the UN piece: “We are on the cusp of a mass awakening in consciousness [and] a movement to raise awareness of the power in our purchases,” said Elle L. “As fashion sits at the intersection of art and utility, it has the power and responsibility to create a beautiful solution [post-COVID-19] that helps to stitch back together communities that are healthier, stronger and more artistic.” 

With that in mind we want to continue to make it easier to shop sustainable. Our brands have been leading the way for some time. We believe now truly is their time to shine. We've been so overwhelmed to hear your feedback during lockdown on how you've enjoyed shopping and wearing our pieces, and how searching something out that is special has provided a bit of relief and joy at what has been a tricky time. This is what sustainable fashion has the power to do - to bring better things to every stakeholder involved, maker, retailer, customer an all. We hope that in this new world we are entering a more sustainable fashion industry will be the normal and that the foundations that have been laid, the good habits that have been made will get stronger and stronger.