Why We Must Support Small Brands or Risk Losing Them Forever

If you love sustainable clothing as much as we do then you have probably noticed the alarming number of small brands shutting up shop for good recently (including sadly some of our own designers). It is truly heartbreaking to see and something that we, as champions of independent design, feel strongly compelled to do something about.

Times are hard right now, for everyone. Every penny we spend matters and that is why it is so important to put your money into something you believe in. For small brands costs are going up, customers are (understandably) buying less and because these brands are trying to do things sustainably and the right way cutting things out or making the process cheaper simply isn't an option. This is why, if we want choice, we need to support these brands where we can. 


It is so frustrating as it is so often these small brands who are the ones innovating and being brave enough to try new things. They are willing to push boundaries creatively and put their values at the heart of their businesses even before profit. So often they are lighting the way ahead for what the future of fashion should be, but being brought down before they can make the impact that is so badly needed.

Without these brave, independent brands we are left with such a lack of choice - it is one big brand after the other with huge corporate teams and huge corporate plans. As much as sustainability might have become a buzzword at the forefront of vast marketing campaigns, for the majority of big brands it is just that, another marketing tactic that is just another way to hit targets and keep boards happy. 

So please, continue to help us support brands who are truly making a difference. Help us to spread the word and help us to keep the true sustainable fashion movement going in these hard times.

Thank you!!!