Behind the Brand: LPOL

We are super excited to be working with this brand!! Launched in London in 2009 by a husband and wife team LPOL are dedicated and passionate about designing and crafting sustainable and ethically-minded leather and upcycled handbags, totes, rucksacks, work bags and small gifts. The collections are designed to go beyond the latest trends to last for a lifetime. The team passionately believe that they can help change the perception of luxury – one that is not defined by brand name or logo, and instead one that is defined by a set of values personified by products of integrity and enduring style.

In the words of founders Katy and John:

"As a brand born of salvaging, upcycling and community based sourcing principles, LPOL is continually committed to sourcing the finest natural materials from specialist artisan suppliers, and where appropriate surplus and dead stock fabrics are selected in favour of buying new. All of our leathers are vegetable tanned - a process that uses a natural plant and vegetable extract dye to colour and fix each skin, with trace chemical content. This method is safer for the workers who carry out the tanning, safer on the environment and safer for you, the wearer. It also means the life expectancy of the leather is hugely increased, so you will benefit from many more years of wear. Going even further, our focus on functionality and durability means our bags can be easily serviced, restored, renovated and repaired. And to help extend the life of your bag we promise to take care of any repair work arising from a manufacturing fault for the first year of wear.

In our workshops, we have proudly pioneered a circular zero waste production method whereby all material waste and off-cuts are retained and used to produce small goods, one-off gifts and artist collaborations. To further reduce our impact on the environment, LPOL’s packaging is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and responsibly sourced.

As part of our carbon reduction strategy, we have partnered with Ecologi. Every month, our subscription and sales contributions fund projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in. Plus, for every bag we sell, one tree is planted in a reforestation project that’s happening right now.

We believe in small, considered and meaningful changes that are easily implemented and that don't cost the earth. We hope we can inspire you to play your part in this era of environmental and social change."


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