8 Years of Gather&See

And just like that  - G&S is now 8 years old. We always like to take stock on our anniversary, to acknowledge the present and to look back at the past. The last 12 months has flown by and we are so grateful to still be here and to be partnering with the worlds best ethical and sustainable brands.

Anniversaries are about celebration so it is so tempting to talk about all the good things but honestly times are tough right now. The emotional and economic fall out of COVID, the tragedy of war, the struggles of inequality and increasingly urgent climate crisis are all issues weighing heavily on our shoulders and our hearts. It is perhaps why, at this point in time, it really feels as though Gather&See's purpose feels more important than ever.

From the very beginning G&S has been built core values of love, hope and justice. It has always been making positive change in the world and demonstrating that fashion can be a force for good. In 2022 it has never been more important that we demand better and we are so honoured to work with brands who are constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in terms of sustainability and environmental and social justice.

We were so grateful to Anna Murphy of The Times in her recent article which ran with the headline "This is My New Favourite Online Shop, And It's Worthy"... Worthy is something that we aspire to be and after 8 years of incredibly hard graft, it was humbling to hear such kind words. 

On a personal level this year has been joyful but hard - with both of us welcoming our 3rd babies - that's 6 between us all aged 6 and under! We know first hand that the work / childcare balance is a tough one that so many women around the world grapple with. There is a sense of guilt whatever you do and that is something we are working on - but we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our amazing customers for bearing with us. Supporting working Mums - whether they be our brands, craftswomen or our customers is something we will be focussing on more in the coming months. 

And on that note - looking ahead - we are so excited for what it is to come. Lots more amazing brands, lots more beautiful clothes with truly worthy stories. We hope that you will stick around for the ride. 

Steph & Alicia