15 of The Best Sustainable Knits

Sustainable knitwear is our bag. We work with some of the best sustainable knitwear brands around who all use carefully selected yarns and traditional practices to make exquisite knits that will stand the test of time. We are proud to stock top knitwear brands including Navygrey, The Knotty Ones, Oubas, L'Envers, Skall Studio and Rove Knitwear. Choosing just 15 pieces is no easy task but we've whittled them down to the pieces we really feel will work hard for you for years to come.  Things are about to get cosy....

1. Sandi, Skall Studio

2. Charlotte Cardigan, L'Envers

3. Laumes Knit, The Knotty Ones

4. Barbora, The Knotty Ones

5. Stephanie, L'Envers

6. The Authentic Funnel, Navygrey

7. Campa Knit, Skall Studio

8. Olann Sweater, Oubas

9. The Field Crew, Navygrey

10. Elm Cardigan, Skall Studio

11. Loose Vest, Rove Knitwear

12. George Jacket, L'Envers

13. Ilanna Knit, Mirla Beane

14. Sturmai Knit, The Knotty Ones

15. The Authentic V, Navygrey