A Gathering of Minds - Styleinthetix

We are longtime fans of the brilliant Styleinthestix and so are so excited to have caught up with Penny and Nikki for A Gathering of Minds. If you don't already follow these ladies you really are missing out - perfect styling imaginatively shot in the beautiful Rutland countryside. Here's our recent catch up along with their top Mid-Winter picks from Gather&See. Enjoy!!


First, please can you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit more how Styleinthestix came about? 

We met about 8 years ago having both moved from London to rural Rutland. We instantly found common ground, mum’s to boys (6 between us), a shared love of fashion and a need for some escapism from the day-to-day.  Styleinthestix was a way to fill that creative gap.  We wanted a forum to share our experiences and to demonstrate that style and fashion was not confined to city dwellers - there was a place for it in the country too.

Your shoots are just so beautiful! Can you tell us a bit about your process?

This is the part we love the most. We are both constantly on the lookout for ideas. The inspiration for our pictures comes from the countryside, browsing pinterest, Instagram and magazines. We are inspired by Rutland’s beautiful countryside and the changing seasons. We’re so lucky to have each other to discuss and develop ideas.

Sometimes everything falls into place perfectly, the weather, the location, the outfit, and sometimes not.  We have learned to keep our plans fluid. There are always challenges when shooting, especially in the countryside, weather, mud, livestock, we could go on.

What do you enjoy most about working together on Styleinthestix? 

You get to spend your working day with your best mate.  We laugh a lot, we’re each other sounding boards. We’ve got each other backs, if one of us is having a bad day the other is there to lift spirits. 


You champion independent and sustainable brands - what does sustainability mean to you and why is it so important.

Sustainability is so important to us. 

Our sole focus on styleinthestix is to share sustainable style ideas - we encourage people to shop from their own wardrobe, buy preloved, look for sustainable brands and ask questions, challenge others and other brands. 

We repeatably ask ourselves and each other - do we need it and will we wear it for years to come?

We look at ways to mirror this in our homes, reducing packaging consumption, composting, buying fewer items and up-cycling old furniture.  

You both moved from the city to the countryside - how has this impacted your style choices and life in general? 

I’m not sure our change in location has had a considerable impact on our style choices.  The main influences have been, sustainability and simplifying our wardrobe as we get older.  We’ve realised we don’t need as much.   

Any recent discoveries - food, culture, fashion, lifestyle - could be anything - that you'd like to share? 

I’m (Nikki) am taking part in a Sound bath in the middle of December - I’ll let you know how it goes. 

The Langham hotel, The Wigmore - a beautiful bar to sit and have a drink two minutes from the very busy Regents street 

TheFitLondoner - we both love finding new accounts to follow especially ones that give cooking inspiration. We love this account. 

Japanese’s colour dictionary - this little book is such a beautiful gift and great inspiration for colour combinations 

Nikki & Penny's Winter Picks:


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