Behind the Brand: Little Things Studio

Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly. Heritage.

An Indian designer label, 'Little Things' is founded by Ankita Srivastava, a textile designer graduated from NIFT, New Delhi. Her love for ethical fashion, graphics, illustrations, art and culture has got her to work on a label that reminds people to re-discover their personal style. Tiny building blocks are transformed into fantasized print stories that echoes a sense of ease and comfort. Little Things believes in making sustainable fashion luxurious, comfortable  and affordable.

In the words of Ankita:

"Sustainability has been a part of our work culture since we’ve launched the brand. From handloom fabrics sourced from different weaving communities in India to be in continuous thirst to incorporate more sustainable fabrics, everyday we are moving towards a better future to a healthy and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

With Eco-friendly and sustainability being the ethos of the brand, we never wanted to stick to the same oatmeal based color story. Also being an Indian designer colors have always been a part of our daily life and reflecting them in our own palette of pastels with our flavor of pop colors in each collection, is what we love doing.

Amalgamation of classic and vintage shapes with fresh and contemporary aesthetics, we ensure comfort and quality is our strength. Adapting to the slow fashion culture has made us to think creatively in reducing waste.

With every collection we try to introduce newer and thoughtfully sourced sustainable fabrics and this season we welcome CUPRO and ORGANIC COTTON JERSEY in the family. CUPRO is the new kid on the block, which feels like silk and breathes like cotton.

Also known as vegan silk, CUPRO is made from the waste of cotton. It is made out of the fine silky extra short fibers that sticks to the cotton seeds while production. As its a byproduct of cotton , it dyes easily, and thus uses less dye and pollutants. Its breathable, anti static and biodegradable.

Used as a Silk alternative CUPRO has all the drape and texturural qualities you would expect from a luxury fabric.