Home Comforts

Never have we spent so much time at home. These unprecedented times call for slow, considered living and when it comes to our clothes it is all about classic comforts for home, with the odd hit of colour for a little pick me up when you need it.


This is new territory for all of us - there seems to be no right or wrong way of doing things, we just have to take it day by day. One thing that we can control is of course, what we choose to wear and this can affect our mood greatly. Personally I have taken to putting on a bright lipstick each morning. Yes, it might have rubbed off by morning coffee but there is something about the ritual and the little pop of colour that makes me feel better. It's the small things. 

In terms of clothes, comfort is key. Soft organic cotton dresses and loose-fitting jeans are a go-to for us. It is still chilly in the mornings and evenings here in the UK so light knitwear is also comforting and cosy. As the days warm up look to linens that won't crumple in soothing, natural tones - Veryan's carefully chosen fabrics, made to order especially for you, come into their own in Spring.

We have always been trainer obsessed and our latest collection of Vejas couldn't have come at a better time. Great for at home, or for getting out for your once daily walk. The new colour options are uplifting and we have an all white vegan style which will go with everything.

Hopefully this forced time at home will enable us to slow down and think more carefully about our clothes - look after them better, wash them less, mend them if need be. Treat them like the good friends they are - the right ones will provide you with comfort and joy at a time of uncertainty.