Why You Should Make Sure Your Style Choices Are Sustainable?

So why does it all matter? Just why is it important that we do shop sustainable.

Well, in truth there are many reasons, but let's focus on the most urgent and apparent. First and foremost fashion is one of the worlds most polluting industries - 2nd most polluting to be precise - after oil. Revolting, isn't it? In the age of climate crisis this matters greatly. So often we don't connect the dots between what we wear and how it was made, what damage its production has done to the environment and that has to change, we need to be aware and we need to act as individuals.
Secondly is that vast numbers of people (the great majority of whom are women) are exploited in the clothing industry everyday. The monolith that is fast fashion has driven down prices to extraordinarily low levels and someone has to pay - invariably it is garment industry workers who are not paid fairly and not provided with basic safe working conditions and employment rights. Every time you buy from a big fast fashion brand you are enabling this kind of working practise.
Thirdly, as if the environmental and social benefits weren't enough, then it is far better for your own well-being to shop sustainably for the long term. Natural and organic materials are better for you but also shopping with intention and building a carefully thought through wardrobe full of pieces that you will cherish year after year is better for your own mental clarity. Buying what you love, what you feel great in but knowing it's provenance and knowing it's the for the longterm is so much more satisfying than the short sugar rush of a fast fashion purchase. 
Delving a little deeper, how do we know if something is sustainable? What makes it so? It can sometimes feel overwhelming to know what is what so we have come up with a simple framework to help guide you as to how our brands' products have been made in a way that benefits both people and planet. We call these our Philosophies and you can shop by the ones that match your own values. Our Philosophies are Organic, Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, Small Scale Production, Heritage, Vegan and Recycled. You read more about them here.  
We work very hard with our brands to provide you with as much information as possible about a product to help you make informed decisions. And that is what it comes down to really, asking the questions and making intentional decisions with both your head and your heart We are passionate about helping you to find pieces that you love and that you believe in  - style without compromise. We hope that you enjoy our amazing brand stories as much as we enjoy bringing them to you and as always if you need help or advice please just ask!! We are always happy to help.