Behind the Brand: Feather + Chain

Feather and Chain produce beautiful, bohemian jewellery that is mindfully made.  The brand uses recycled silver - it is estimated that only 15% of the world's silver supply comes from recycled metal - even though its carbon emissions are a third of mined silver. Feather and Chain are proud to be part of the change that increases this percentage. Any unsold pieces can be sent back to be recycled and used again in their next designs.

Behind the brand with co-founder Susannah Allman.

Co-Founder, Susie​

How did you come up with the name 'Feather and Chain'?
We were actually in a taxi on the way to dinner with friends and I think I said 'How about feather and stone' and my partner said 'or feather and chain'. We felt it encompassed both the earthy, nomadic boho feel along with the natural and bold. 
Why did you decide to build a Jewellery brand ?
I've always been obsessed with jewellery & for me the more the better - hence our strong layering and stacking theme throughout the collection. When I struggled to find pieces I wanted to wear I started creating my own looks by customising my current pieces & buying from unique little boutiques in Australia and Bali to create the layered looks I loved. But I struggled to find unique boho style jewellery that was also luxurious and high quality - so i decided to create my own.
Where are your pieces made?
We are now working with manufacturing partners in Bali, Asia and India as they each specialise in different techniques and skilled in working with different pieces. Our Bali manufacturing partner is our original partner and the first ethical jewellery manufacturers in Bali, our Asia manufacturing partners excel in sustainable and ethical manufacturing, working with the local community in charitable projects as well as a dedication to employing over 75% females throughout the business. Our Indian manufacturing partners specialise in ethical sourcing and cutting of our semi-precious gemstones as well as being part of a fair trade for workers programme, they are also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and the Kimberley Project. 

Who is your a co-founder?
Well... my partner actually. We love having the brand together. He brings his business experience and I'm more on the creative side which works great for us.
Happiest when.... ?
Barefoot in the sand listening to an inspiring podcast or travelling & exploring new places.
What are you passionate about?
We are both plant- based, environmentalists and animal lovers, and we're passionate about ensuring these values are reflected in the brand. We wanted our packaging and supply chain to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, to work with only fair trade manufactures to ensure fair wages for anyone working for us.
Through our beautiful jewellery we want to try to raise awareness and drive positive change for our planet.
It was during a trip to Bali that I truly became inspired and finally felt ready to design our first signature jewellery collection.
Hot humid days were spent exploring the splendour of the balinese temples, trekking through the breathtaking jungles and feasting on the local delights while evenings were spent excitedly sketching and designing beautiful jewellery pieces inspired by our days adventures and peaceful tranquil surroundings.
Feeling inspired by its beauty, spirituality and the romantic idea of a nomadic lifestyle, I wanted to capture a little of the essence and magic in our jewellery. Today I still carry this inspiration through all aspects of the brand including our latest collection. 


Unique, beautiful, boho and ethically conscious jewellery that is luxurious yet affordable. We believe you should feel as good on the inside about your Jewellery as you look wearing it on the outside.