Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly. Heritage. Made to Order.


All Pieces of KIND Jewellery are handmade in London by Tansy Haak making them 100% sweatshop free. Kind aim to make quality pieces of fine jewellery which are built to last and offer a free repair service for damaged items.
Kind only use responsibly sourced materials, including 100% recycled, Fairmined© & Fairtrade precious metals to produce their collections.
Any components which Kind cannot source in certified 100% recycled metal are sourced from accredited Hatton Garden Suppliers who are regularly audited by the Responsible Jewellers Council or can provide written evidence that their materials are ethically produced. This means that any newly mined gold or silver used has to come from mines which adhere to standards regarding human rights, environmental impact and working practices.


Kind use Vegan Polishing Products and Non-toxic (food grade) pickle to remove oxidisation after soldering.

Kind use Biodegradable Baggies to store all stock.

Kind recycle every last scrap of metal whilst making new pieces. 

An interview with Creative Director, Tansy Haak:

How did you come to set up Kind?
A few years ago my husband and I escaped London life for an adventure around Europe, India & Sri Lanka on pushbikes! The time away gave us a rare chance to let go of life's commitments and responsibilities and think about what was really important to us... Friends and family and most importantly to spend our days doing something we loved. 


My background was in sculpture, creating large scale metal pieces so creating a jewellery line meant I could continue working in a material I loved but also build something that could grow independently to me. KIND was dreamt up beneath the coconut trees on the Sri Lankan shore and 2 years on I am back under those same palms designing the 3rd collection.


How did you come up with the name?
The first pages of my sketchbooks when I was setting up KIND are filled with possible names but KIND just resonated with me. I wanted to build something that was inclusive of all kinds of people, celebrated womankind (and soon mankind too!) and in its essence was kind. 


What is a typical working day in the life of Kind?
I've never been one for routine so by design my days are the epitomy of organised chaos! I tend to get up and bundle Isla and our mad dog Pablo out for a walk (and a strong coffee from our local coffee shop!)
When I get home Isla tends to nap so I catch up with emails, social media and prepare what needs to be do for orders to be sent out. In the afternoon/ early evening I get out into the studio and set about making orders and finishing off wedding ring and private commissions. 


Each year I try to block out a longer period of time (often whilst we are travelling) to design the new collection, explore potential collaborations and make plans for the year ahead. 


It's a fluid way of working, taking moments when I can whilst enjoying hanging out with my little bub.  


What are the highs and the lows of running an ethical brand? 
The highs are knowing that you are creating pieces which aren't at the cost of our planet or the people we share it with. 


The lows are hitting brick walls with research or suppliers when exploring unchartered waters. 


The bottom line for me is to say 'I am going to do all I can to minimise any impact on the world and its population' and to realise that it doesn't all come at once, it's a constant evolution to improve my practices and you will always find new, interesting and friendly ways to do things. 


Where do you see Kind in 10 years time?
I see the collections growing and launching the Man KIND collection later this year. I would also love to develop the social side of the brand. Being able to support wicked social projects and charities who are doing amazing things. I would also love to start a KIND Lifestyle Guide which shares solutions to zero waste living etc.


You’ve recently become a Mum - how has this changed things and how are you balancing work and home life?

My working day has changed a lot since the arrival of my little girl, Isla Zee, but it is amazing how you adapt. There is no time now for procrastination as time is so precious to the key is to be confident in my decision making and prioritise.  

My priority is with my customers and getting each piece made and sent out to them. I love that feeling of packing up orders knowing that soon someone somewhere will be wearing and treasuring it!


What inspires you?
People, travel and that wild feeling of total freedom!


What do you do to switch off?
I'm a yoga addict and couldn't do without my daily practice. It's the only time I feel my mind stops whirling and I find a magical calmness.


Top reads?
At the moment I read the very hungry caterpillar about 100 times a day if you want something with a little more depth then I love The Rosie Project - It's laugh out loud funny and beautifully, sensitively written. 


Favourite holiday destination?
Right now it's Sri Lanka. The other day I overheard someone say that if India and Bali were to have a love child, it would be Sri Lanka and they are so right! 


What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
My Gold Full Moon Pendant which is engraved with Isla Zee in my handwriting. It's a classic for every day and goes with everything.