Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly.


STIDSTON swimwear is born from a love of summer, the ocean, creating, and making changes to love our planet (and the people in it) better.

Designed and made in my Peckham based studio, founder Claire wanted to create an ethical swimwear brand centred around an English summer - from the beaches and countryside of Devon, to the swimming ponds and lidos of London.

"Stidston is grounded in ethical manufacturing and using recycled materials because old fishing nets and other post-consumer waste make great swimwear, and look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans!", Claire, Founder of Stidston

Ethical and Sustainable Production

All STIDSTON swimwear is designed, cut and sewn in the UK.

From design to delivery, the aim of STIDSTON is to give you a bold piece of swimwear that you love forever, whilst minimising the negative impact on people and the planet.

STIDSTON Collection 1.0 is made by a small team in Devon by women paid above living wage, in safe conditions. 

To ensure waste is kept to a minimum and remove the constraints of minimum order quantities (and the waste that this production model produces), STIDSTON swimwear now operates a made to order approach to production. Collection 2.0 is made to order in small batches in the STIDSTON studio in Peckham. 

Each piece of swimwear is now designed, hand-cut and made from scratch, this model means that waste can be kept to an absolute minimum and production can be driven by customer demand. 

There are 6 key steps to the STIDSTON production process:

  1. Design – the styles and prints are researched, designed and developed.

  2. Pattern development – once the designs have been finalised, they are sampled, the patterns are finalised and each size is graded.

  3. Cutting – The fabric is cut to order in the STIDSTON Studio.

  4. Sewing – All STIDSTON swimwear is sewn using Pfaff Machines (we are currently using the passport 3.0 and a hobbylock 2.5 - if you are into sewing I couldn’t recommend them more highly – by far the most dependable machines I have used)

  5. Finishing – each piece of swimwear is hand finished with love (and a needle and thread!)

  6. Packaging - Each STIDSTON piece is then hand packaged using packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Recycled Fabrics

It is estimated that there are 640,000 tones of fishing nets in the ocean. They remain adrift for 500 years, posing a threat to turtles, fish and other sea mammals. 

STIDSTON Collection 2.0 is made from Econyl regenerated nylon made from recycled fishing nets and other pre-and post-consumer waste. Econyl work with Healthy Seas to collect and transform them (and other nylon pre-and post-consumer waste) into yarn that makes up the fabric in STIDSTON swimwear.

By using this recycled material, we help clean our oceans, recycle that waste, and cut out the need for raw materials like crude oil, which are traditionally used in the production of nylon.