My Sustainable Christmas - Tiff Youngs

Tiff Youngs is the founder of Roots Wellness. Tiff founded the brand having fought and won an incredibly difficult battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After being diagnosed with cancer Tiff decided to rethink her approach to wellness and now that she is out the other side and cancer free, she has created Roots to share her approach and the products she has used with others. We caught up with Tiff about her plans for Christmas this year and how wellness will fit into it.


How will you be spending Christmas?

I'll be going back to my home in Norfolk - we are actually moving on the 16th December from Leicestershire to Norfolk. We are in the process of converting a derelict barn and are planning to be there for Christmas whether it is finished or not! I can't wait! It's my Mum's birthday over Christmas as well so hoping to be able to catch up with my family to celebrate too!

What are your own Christmas Traditions?

Christmas Eve is always quite magical for us - we try to make it as special as possible for our daughter Maisie - she has a Christmas Eve Box with little goodies in and then we leave out some treats for Santa by the fire (whisky to keep him warm!!) then sparklers outside before cosying up indoors.

What's on the menu?

We make it quite traditional! We'll have a couple of canapes, some smoked salmon, then the full traditional turkey and all the works. We always do a Christmas pudding with little charms in and a crumble too followed by cheese and crackers. After all that it is a long dog walk on the beach to work it all off!

Favourite Christmas tune?

You can't beat a bit of Wham Last Christmas... cheesy but so good.

As a wellness expert - what are your top tips for keeping calm and healthy over the festive period?

I take a probiotic religiously anyway but this is extra important at this time of year. I'll boost my turmeric intake with some of our Roots Turmeric - it works really well as a hot drink in winter. In terms of keeping calm, nothing beats a relaxing bath - I try and make some time for myself as things can get hectic in December. I'll use epsom salts or some of our CBD bath salts, then dry brush my body which helps keep the lymphatic system flowing. Another absolute essential for me is our CBD drops with hot ginger and lemon before bed. I think just keeping up your regular wellness practices when it's so busy is the key thing - make time for meditation, burning a little white sage, stretching and yoga will help you stay calm and look after your body as well.

Are you a dress up or dress down kind of girl at Christmas?

I think I'd dress up at Christmas! Depending on the weather - I'll pop on a dress and some statement jewellery or if its really cold some nice trousers and a blouse. In the evening I'll be back in some comfy pyjamas by the fire. 

Any particular causes you support at Christmas?

Bloodwise is close to my heart that I support throughout the year. I don't do Christmas cards, I donate instead. We also donate toys to our local children's hospice at Christmas.

2020 has been a year like no other - what are your reflections?

What a year! Mental health has been massive for everyone. If I was reflecting back, I actually wouldn't wipe it out, in a strange way there have been positives. People have had to take a step back and take a look at how they live their lives whether that is health and wellness, what they are buying, how they are consuming - it has made us all appreciate the small things and what is truly important in life. I like to think people have become more caring - the community spirit has come alive and we've seen people becoming more considerate of others.

Personally lockdown gave me an opportunity to spend more time with my husband than I have ever had before and it didn't phase me that much as through my illness I guess I'd experinced my own personal lockdowns before. It also gave me the opportunity to sit down and focus on Roots - we actually launched the business during lockdown and I'm grateful we've been able to support our customers throughout what has been a very anxious time. 

And lastly, your top 5 gifts from our Gift of Goodness...